Stephen trained as a sculptor but is at present drawing/painting. He believes that Art must have ambition and that it aims to amplify an idea. It may need an audience but it is not, however, made purely for the audience, it is something that the artist feels a need to do. Good Art must contain elements of creativity and originality. It requires skill and technique and must have meaning. It functions as a metaphor, always leaving something to the audience's imagination. Art is serious stuff, and the world would be a poorer place without it. It can possess passion and always provokes thought. It is a form of questioning that helps mankind evolve and it provides quality to our existence. It transcends the useful. Art deals with feelings not just with facts, it is about the mind and not just the brain. Art is about creating stuff and everyone is a potential artist. Failure is an important part of creation. There is no society that does not engage in Art. It is a basic human need and its existence helps define humanity. Put simply good Art is a manifestation of creative intelligence combined with skill and is used to make sense of experience.